From Snow Mountain to Jinjiang

2021-03-23 09:45:50   

Chengdu Flash Show Water Museum Tells the Story of Water’s life in 10 minutes on World Water Day


March 22, Sichuan Water Conservancy Department and Chengdu Water Bureau jointly held the 29th World Water Day as well as the 34th China Water week publicity ceremony in Jincheng Lake Park, Chengdu City.


Opening Ceremony Photo: Yang Jiankun

The theme of this publicity week was the integration of clean governance by showing the public the life of water with the flash water museum- “From Snow Mountain to Jinjiang”in 10 minutes.


Flash Introduction Photo: Yang Jiankun

The "From Snow Mountain to Jinjiang" Flash Museum took the journey of water’s life as its tour route, with a vivid and concise presentation, setting up four mini exhibition halls, “supply””drainage””purification”and “control”, which were independent and interrelated. Among them, the “supply”hall showed snow mountains melt water. The museum started with snow mountains where the melting water began its journey,flowing into the micro model of Dujiangyan irrigation system, and then out of the ground, through 3Dprinted water works and secondary water supplies, finally reaching thousands of households. There was a drain down there, by which the produced sewage flow into the drainage hall.


The Publicity Activity Photo: Yangjiankun

Drainage hall is the urban veins. The first thing that came into view in the drainage hall was the gravity drainage model divided into two parts, above ground and underground. Above the ground were city streets, buildings, rainwater covers, rain grates, while the underground is the sewer pipe connected to the district sewer, rain grate rain sewer and extended underground to the water purification hall.

Water purification hall makes the turbid water became clear. In the water purification hall, the model of buried sewage treatment plant is the first coming into your eyes. The Wall is sewage treatment process demonstration device and reclaimed water introduction. Sewage treatment plants treat effluent and drain into the river, flowing to the water control hall.


Part of the Flash Photo: Yang Jiankun

Water control hall, namely the “Jinjiang anecdotes”, with interactive holographic projections on the ground, showing Tianfu blue net vision and the transformation of Jinjiang from moat, landscape river to happy river.


The Water Ecological Environment Photo: Chengdu Water Bureau

"From Snow Mountain to Jinjiang" Flash Show Water Museum will be on display form March 22-24from10to 18 o’clock in Np. 2 Lake Square in Jincheng Lake Park; the March 25-26 form 9to18 o’clock will be attached to Chengdu No .7 Middle School Primary School,only available for the school staff and students; the March 27 to 28 flash from 9 to 18 o’clock will be between Chunxi Road Silverstone Square and ifs Square. During the event, visitors can enjoy the Flash Museum and participate in the lottery draw with random prizes including pillow, canvas bags, refrigerator stickers, U plates, bookmarks and other culture products of Chengdu Water Bureau. This publicity week , with “water show”as its media, will help Chengdu build a demonstration areas a park city with new development concept.